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A seaside town with a warm spirit

A relaxed yet active town.

Uusikaupunki, an idyllic town of approximately 16,000 people, is located between Rauma (50 km) and Turku (70 km). The town boasted one of Finland’s largest merchant fleets in the latter half of the 19th century and shipping was the town’s most important livelihood for a long time. In spite of its name, which is Finnish for “Newtown”, Uusikaupunki (known as Uki or Ugi among friends) is more than 400 years old!

Uusikaupunki is a compact town built around a city centre arranged in a grid plan. All of the town’s important services are within a 15-minute walk from each other. Short distances mean you get more out of every hour. You have more time to enjoy your life. Uusikaupunki’s one-of-a-kind cityscape, with hundreds of wooden houses, is something you won’t find anywhere else!

Uusikaupunki consists of a dozen unique districts and several vibrant villages. To alleviate the shortage of housing, two modular housing neighbourhoods have been developed in the town with studios, one-bedroom units and shared flats to help new arrivals get started with their life and work in Uusikaupunki. Housing is also available in the nearby towns of Laitila (20 km) and Rauma (50 km).