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Free time

Relax in your free time by enjoying a wide range of hobbies

There are plenty of activities available for the Heroes at the Automotive Factory!

Employee well-being is a high priority for the company, which is why there is diverse support available for the recreational activities of the Uusikaupunki automotive factory’s personnel.


Visit Hobby House Laturi or go for a swim at the indoor pool?

One of the employee benefits enjoyed by Valmet Automotive personnel is ePassi, a flexible mobile phone-based pass that can be used to pay for services at the Uusikaupunki indoor swimming pool, the Vahterusring ski indoor skiing facility, Aquarius Bowling and several fitness centres. All employees are also offered free access to Hobby House Laturi, which includes a fitness centre, cardio studios, table tennis, a pool table, videogame consoles and a knitting room with a weaving loom. The factory’s personnel also have their own football team, FC Valmet Automotive, as well as groups for floorball, running, futsal, knitting and crafts. The indoor ice rink is also reserved for Valmet Automotive employees once a week.

Sports and culture

Uusikaupunki offers diverse opportunities for sports and exercise. In addition to an indoor swimming pool and an indoor skiing facility, the town has an indoor ice rink, fitness centres, horse stables, a bowling alley and a golf course. The town is also home to a number of active teams in sports ranging from basketball to athletics. Recreational opportunities are also offered by the local adult education institute and music institute as well as several local businesses and non-profits. Cultural attractions include changing exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances, and another source of entertainment is Kuvala, one of the oldest cinemas in Finland.

Restaurants and nightlife

Uusikaupunki’s delightfully unique restaurants and seaside charm come into full bloom in the summer as the city is practically taken over by holiday home owners and recreational boaters. Various outdoor events, such as picnic evenings and night markets inject colour into the daily life of Uusikaupunki, as does Karjurock, the world’s largest rock festival held on a farm!

Enjoy your new home town