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Valmet Automotive

Superior quality and team spirit since 1968

Modern technology and a positive atmosphere.

Our factory in Uusikaupunki has produced cars ranging from sporty roadsters to classic Nordic family vehicles for half a century. Modern equipment and strong spirit of getting things done have allowed Valmet Automotive to maintain its position as one of the largest automotive contract manufacturers in the world. The company employs 4,500 professionals in Finland, Germany and Poland.

An esteemed and pleasant workplace

We specialise in producing premium passenger cars. In addition to Mercedes-Benz, our customers have included Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Mini and Bentley, to name but a few. We are recognised as a reliable service provider whose products perform very well in international comparisons. With over 600 robots, the Uusikaupunki factory now also represents Finland’s largest concentration of industrial robots. Our employees are particularly appreciative of our pleasant and supportive workplace atmosphere.

What production department would suit you best?

We are always looking for new Heroes at the Automotive Factory in departments including the body shop, paint shop, general assembly and internal logistics. Different departments require slightly different skills from their heroes.

In the body shop, the car body is built by robots. Work in the body shop is mainly feeding the material to robots and quality control. The work is done both individually and in teams consisting of coworkers and robots. As the work primarily involves being in the role of operator, welding skills are not necessary.

In the paint shop, a car gets the color. Paint shop jobs, such as body sealing and inspecting painted surfaces, are ideal for meticulous people with good manual skills who enjoy working as part of a team.

The general assembly department creates a car based on customer’s specification. Our car builders assemble the cars by putting the components together. Job includes assembling, testing and finishing. You need handicraft and accuracy to create the first-class quality. You are working as part of a team.

Internal logistics has a key position in manufacturing, ensuring the just-in-time delivery of parts. Internal logistics includes a variety of warehousing-related jobs, such as handling and distributing parts. Each employee in internal logistics will get a training to drive forklift.

The Maintenance & Facilities department is responsible for the maintenance of the processes and physical facilities of the largest factory in Finland. You’ll enjoy a unique view of the factory’s operations while working together with top professionals using state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Do I have what it takes to be a car builder?

Do I have to know anything about cars to apply for a job as a car builder? Can a woman work as a car builder? How is the starting pay determined? Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section for answers.